Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, Happy Spring, and Happy April Fools’ Day!!

I’m not one much for practical jokes on April Fools’ Day, but I think prank food that fools the eyes (but not the taste buds) is pretty clever! My favs are:

crispy treats and fruit roll-up “sushi”, mashed potato “vanilla ice cream” and gravy “caramel sauce” sundae, grilled cheese made from pound cake “bread” and melted chocolate “cheese”, and a baked potato shaped out of chocolate ice cream, covered in cocoa powder, topped with whipped cream “sour cream”, green sprinkle “chives”, yellow sprinkle “grated cheddar cheese”, and a melted Starburst “pad of butter”.

And here’s one for Easter – change out the chocolate eggs for grapes and re-wrap them in the foil. It’ll make for a healthy Easter egg hunt!

Have fun today with food that’s not what it seems. And if you’d like to read a romance with a twist…

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