#RomanticTravel Fall Blog Exchange ~ Nice and Author Linda O’Connor!

Raisin' the Signal Flag

red-building-nice-for-choices-copyI love Author Tina Gayle‘s blog exchanges! Can you tell? Was it any wonder when Lady Tina organized a #RomanticTravel Fall Blog Exchange that I couldn’t wait to sign up? There’s nothing better than getting a peek at an author’s next book release, plus getting an insider’s view of the romantic destinations that touch each author’s heart and soul. And so without further adieu, please welcome the lovely Author Linda O’Connor!

#RomanticTravel Idea – I visited Nice, France and thought it was very romantic. Blue skies, beautiful beaches, palm trees swaying in a warm breeze, and stunning landscape. Just gorgeous and very romantic.

perfectlyplannedflat2_850She has it all Perfectly Planned . . .

Chloe Keay is on the hunt for the perfect sperm donor, but who knew it would be this hard? So many things to consider in a father – sure height and hair color are important, but what about the real…

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