Taglines and Author Branding

I love the line from Taylor Swift’s song New Romantics “the best people in life are free.” I think it’s a clever play on the phrase “the best things in life are free” and a great hook for a song. It got me thinking about taglines – for our books and for our brand as authors. Atagline is a short burst of words that capture the essence of our writing – our personality and the tone and genre of our stories. A tagline has to quickly capture the reader’s interest. My favourite taglines are simple phrases that sound catchy and have a double meaning.

There are a lot of famous taglines for products or movies:

Who you going to call?    Ghostbusters

Where’s the beef?     Wendy’s

It takes someone strong to make someone strong. Thanks Mom    Procter and Gamble

And they’d make good bumper stickers:  

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