Nitch, Please-It’s Another Snarky Blog Post

Haha – not another webinar!!

Yep, I got suckered into another webinar, lured by their claim they could make me a best selling author. I’m hugely embarrassed to admit this isn’t the first time I fell for this scam. If you haven’t read about the first time it happened, you can do so HERE. If you enjoy snark, it’s well worth the read.

Given that experience, I’m surprised I tried again. To tell you the truth, I have no freaking clue why I signed up for another get-rich-writing scam, er, webinar.

wine bar_webinarIt must have been the wine.

At any rate, it was an hour of my life, but was it wasted? Heck no! The experience has turned into a blog post, for your enjoyment. Keep reading, you know you want to…

This webinar wasn’t quite as in-your-face-I’m-a-scam-and-you’re-a-sucker as the first one was. It was more of a slow build. Like a good romance novel.

Maybe this…

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