The benefit of having hobbies…

I love this post because even though we make it seem easy. . .

Peggy Jaeger

Some people I know who shall forever and always remain nameless, still consider my writing a hobby.

Yeah…I know. I’m surprised they’re still breathing, too.

Anyway. Writing, as you know, is like oxygen to me. I need to write in order to live, much the way I need oxygen in order to survive. It’s not a hobby, but a necessary facet of my life. A hobby, on the other hand, is nice, but I don’t need to have one to live.


This got me to thinking, though, that having a hobby is a…good thing, to quote Martha Stewart. Hobbies distract us from the mundane aspects of our work lives; they bring us a little fun in a day that can be fun-less and soul-sucking. Hobbies can clear our minds of the detritus and negative energy our work can bring, and focus us instead on something positive and enriching.


Now, my…

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One thought on “The benefit of having hobbies…

  1. Thanks, Linda – sometimes I wonder if what I write here, people actully read. A reblog shows me you not only read it…you liked it! LOL> Thanks again. PJ


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